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Election Analytics

By Jack Schroeder

Hello! I am a senior at Harvard studying Government and Data Science, with a secondary in Economics. This is my blog for Gov 1347: Election Analytics. Every Saturday, I will be updating this page with new descriptive and predictive analyses. After the election, I will evaluate my predictive models and try to explain what went right and wrong.

Week 1: Introduction (9.12.20)

Week 2: The Economy (9.19.20)

Week 3: Polling and Pollsters (9.26.20)

Week 4: Incumbency and Time-for-Change (10.3.20)

Week 5: The Air War (10.10.20)

Week 6: The Ground Game (10.17.20)

Week 7: Shocks and Covid-19 (10.24.20)

Final Prediction (11.1.20)

Post-Election Reflection (11.22.20)

Post-Election Narrative (12.10.20)